Thursday, 19 April 2012

End of the Season?

Salty Sea Dog
It has been a very busy Season, and now that Easter has passed it should be winding up - no-one seems to have told the beach that and it is pulling out all the stops to look even more stunning than usual.   Take a look at these photos - all taken this month...
Some of the dawns this season have been spectacular - the colours just beyond belief.
'The Rock' - if you have ever stayed in Ocean Sports, Blue Bay, Turtle Bay Beach Club or Hemingways, you will be familiar with this rock. It is the rock that everyone walks there and back from in order to feel deserving of that next beer or next meal.
The clarity of the sky and the air, now that the winds have changed..
The return of the weed heralds the end of the season.

The southern end of Turtle Bay beach approaching the mouth of Mida Creek is so clean and free of weed right now.

More spectacular colours brought to us by Watamu and her winning ways.

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